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28032 Espinoza | Mission Viejo | Represented Sellers | 4/11/23 | + 5 Star Client Testimonial

Ruth Bruno just sold our family home in Mission Viejo at a fair price. She is a great realtor.

As the Seller, we were very happy with the results and I think that the Buyer was too. A win-win situation.

She knows the market and provided a detailed list of similar properties to help establish the asking price.

In getting the home ready for sale, Ruth knew which items in the house needed to be refreshed or repaired and which ones did not. This saved us time and money. Her list of contacts and local companies that we used for touchup repairs was also very helpful.

Her assistance in navigating through HOA inspections and approvals was also appreciated.

While the property was on the market, Ruth was particularly good at providing visitor feedback from open houses and requested showings. This kept us in the loop and we were able to quickly close the sale once we accepted the offer. With only a short time period for escrow, Ruth’s working relationship with the title company enabled us to get all of the required paperwork completed in a timely manner.

Excellent job from the Bruno team. Realtor & Escrow

The Vance Family

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