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Get To Know Me

Your Local Property Consultant:
Ruth Bruno

From a young age, Ruth Bruno was surrounded by family members who were in almost every facet of the real estate industry. It was a natural leap for her to integrate this background in with her natural talents and keen disposition to become a real estate professional herself. Before venturing into real estate, Ruth worked in Sales and Account Management for Market Research. Advised on industry  &  market trends. Managing large accounts and negotiated with Fortune 500 companies.

Ruth has experience in the complexities of selling and purchasing homes, helping with loan modifications and property management. Ruth is personable, sincere, attentive, consistent and positive...this coupled with her work ethic and knowledge of the Southern California real estate market, make her a formidable force in the acquisition or sale of a home. A consummate professional and a dogged advocate for her clients, few could make the process of finding and purchasing a dream-home more seamless, pleasant or you will cheerfully find out when she has the pleasure of working with you on one of the most important transactions of your life.


On a personal note ~


Ruth comes from a large family and grew up near Chicago (A Bears fan at heart…till the bitter end!). As a teen, her family moved to Irvine, California. Ruth has lived in Irvine ever since and raised her own lovely family in the community to which she is deeply familiar and attached.


Among the things that are dearest to Ruth’s heart, is an organization she’s been volunteering with for almost a decade, Helping Hand  Worldwide. In Ruth’s own words:

“My mom & I help every week, and other family members help when they can, with an organization called, Helping Hand Worldwide – Relieving Hunger Since 1984." 


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