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SOLD: IRVINE, Cypress Village | Represented Seller | 10/31/23 | 5 Star Client Testimonial from the sellers

Updated: May 25

Working with Ruth was nothing short of a miracle! Our dear friend referred us to her when we came up against a few unexpected obstacles during the sale of our home in Irvine / Orange County. Our family was blessed by her willingness to take on our home with such short notice, when she was already so busy.  It is evident that Ruth loves what she does. She exhibited a wonderful balance in the way she interacted with us from the very beginning. She was not only warm and professional, she was also empathetic and sensitive to our unusual situation. She was fully invested in selling our home, guiding us and making specific choices that were in our best interest. These moments gave us complete peace and made it feel as if we were working with a member of our own family.


Ruth met every step of our transaction with a gentle confidence, putting our minds at ease. She was incredibly patient and clearly communicated each detail to us with beautiful transparency throughout the entire process. We were blown away by her knowledge of our specific market in Irvine, Orange County. She had a keen awareness of how to negotiate, which ensured that we received top dollar for our home, along with the most committed buyer. This was exceptionally helpful because it allowed us to close quickly so that the close of our new home in another state, our forever home, our dream home, was smooth and effortless.


If you are in need of a highly skilled, compassionate and dedicated Realtor in Irvine or anywhere in Orange County, we wholeheartedly recommend Ruth Bruno! We are forever grateful for her expertise and heart! 

111 Tallowood, Irvine 92620

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