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How to Navigate a Hot Housing Market: For Buyers and Sellers

Who you work with and hire is most important. Having the right team is Key! Check out this client testimonial where Ruth Bruno Real Estate, helped in 5 transactions over the past 20 months. Amazing Success Story!

Choosing Ruth with Ruth Bruno Real Estate as our realtor was one of the best decisions we ever made. Since we made that decision, she has helped us with five real estate transactions. Each one has been an experience of such positivity that it is worth sharing with others. With each of the homes we have bought or sold in the last 20 months, Ruth made the process as friendly and relaxing on us as could possibly be imagined. However, working behind the scenes, she has been a tough negotiator on our behalf as well.

Ruth’s skill set pertaining to real estate law, marketing, and formidable negotiation seems unequalled. In other words, Ruth is the whole package. When she works for you it feels like you have a partner in the process, not just a person who will show your home. She is always available and ready to roll up her sleeves to get the work done to make the transaction a total success.

Ruth’s ability to help her clients price the property correctly and then get above asking price is powerful. Her proficiency on one of our properties resulted in eight offers. Ruth skillfully orchestrated all eight agents and buyers in a way that sent the follow up offers soaring to new heights and got us nearly 20 percent above asking price. In Southern California, a 20 percent increase is not small change.

When it came time to finally move nearly 500 miles away, Ruth, with her network of referrals, set us up with a local Sacramento realtor who was nearly as skillful. We did not have to go in blind with another agent. Her referral was priceless and made the long distance home purchase another seamless experience.

In addition, through her advice, her experience and her relationships with sellers and their agents, we have successfully won every offer when purchasing homes.

Ruth Bruno’s moxxy as a realtor and her loving and friendly demeanor provides her clients two things – a realtor for life and a friend for life as well.

Cynthia Tessin and Keith Robinson

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