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Updated: Aug 22, 2023

32155 Corte Floricita | Temecula| Represented Sellers | 7/5/23 | + 5 Star Client Testimonial | Multiple Offers & $71K over asking price! I have happy sellers and buyers!

An Amazing Success Story- Painted home, cleaned, power washed, landscaping & staging. We received 11 offers - We Chose the VA Buyer!! So excited for this family. Most people would have taken the faster escrow and cash offer and then the Vets don't get opportunities. So glad my sellers where not in a hurry and now an amazing family has this lovely home.

5 Star Client Testimonial

"Over a year ago, Ruth with Ruth Bruno Real Estate listened to our story about selling mom’s house. She showed patience and understanding and knew Mom ( at 85) wasn’t quite ready. Ruth stayed in touch over the next year advising us on the housing market for mom’s area. Mom decided last March to move forward. Ruth advised us to be ready for a showing by the end of May. This required emptying the house and preparing it for staging. Ruth led us through the whole process, and we are closing escrow next week! Her strategic plan and guidance helped us get $71K over the asking price. She is tireless, organized, and knowledgeable, also has a terrific support team at Regency Real Estate Brokers. If you are looking for a realtor who really cares about your needs call Ruth. We highly recommend Ruth and her team to anyone looking to sell their home or buy a home in Orange County and beyond. Very pleased with the services she provided our family. "

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