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Sold: Mission Viejo

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

21081 Lavender # 49, Mission Viejo 92691 | Sold: 9/14/20 | Price: $580,000 |

Represented: Buyers

Listing Agents Testimonial:

Ruth and I met when she represented a buyer on a listing that I was representing the seller. We had the craziest deal where my seller ended up owing some money they didn't expect to owe, which threw a huge wrench into our deal. Ruth, being calm, cool and collected, handled the uncertainty with professionalism and grace. Ultimately, we each helped our respective clients through a very tumultuous deal and in the end, the buyers got situated in a home that was perfect for them. I would gladly work with Ruth again anytime!

Realtor-Broker: Joseph Chiavatti

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